Staying in Thailand

Given that Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for foreigners seeking to visit, reside, or work here, visitors who intend to remain in Thailand for a period exceeding 60 days are required to submit an application for a visa. Currently, there are a variety of visas available to meet your specific demands and requirements.

The following are the specifics of each form of Thailand visa for visitors to consider:


Tourist Visa (TR)

The tourism visa is intended for individuals who intend to visit Thailand for leisure purposes. Tourist passports are classified into two categories:

The Tourist Visa can be extended for a period of 30 days for each entry. The applicant must submit an application for the visa extension at the Thai immigration office.

Long Stay Visas (OA,OX)

There are two categories of long-stay visas in Thailand that permit visitors to remain for a maximum of one year and five years, dependent upon achieving all of the respective criteria.

This visa is intended for individuals who wish to remain in Thailand for personal purposes, such as retirement, family reunions, or other activities that are not related to their profession. It necessitates evidence of adequate income or funds and may be renewed annually.

Number of entry: Multiple

Validity: 1 Year

This visa is designed for individuals who desire to remain in Thailand as a spouse or family member of a Thai citizen or permanent resident. It is initially valid for five years and may be extended for an additional five years.

Number of entry: Multiple

Validity of Visa: 5 Years

Long Term Resident Visas

Thailand provides a variety of long-term resident visas to foreign nationals who intend to remain in the country for an extended period. This visa is intended to attract high-potential foreigners who wish to migrate to Thailand. The applicant must meet the financial requirements specified in the visa application. This visa is designed for high-income foreign individuals, foreign retirees, foreigners who plan to work remotely from Thailand, and foreign professionals with specific skills.

This is available to individuals who possess a minimum of one million US dollars in assets, possess health coverage, provide proof of income of at least USD 80,000 annually, and have a minimum investment of USD 500,000 in Thai government bonds, foreign direct investment, or Thai property.


Number of entry: Multiple

Validity of Visa: 10 Years

For retirees aged 50 years and older who have a personal income of at least USD 80,000 per year or more than USD 40,000 but less than USD 80,000 per year, they must have a minimum investment of USD 250,000 in Thailand (for government bonds, foreign direct investment, or Thai property) and must apply for health insurance with a minimum coverage of USD 50,000.


Number of entry: Multiple

Validity of Visa: 10 Years



Working professionals who work remotely for reputable international companies are required to provide documentation of their employment contract with business in Thailand or abroad, as well as proof of personal income for the previous two years that shows they have made at least USD 80,000, or less than USD 80,000 but more than USD 40,000 if they have a Master’s degree or above, own intellectual property, receive Series A funding, or have other qualifying qualifications.


Number of entry: Multiple

Validity of Visa: 10 Years

The applicant must work for a business in one of the target industries designated by the Board of Investment (BOI) or other relevant governmental agencies. Must provide evidence of personal income of at least USD 80,000 annually, or less than USD 80,000 annually but more than USD 40,000 annually if the applicant holds a Master’s degree in science or technology or possesses specialized knowledge pertinent to the job assignment in Thailand (professionals employed by Thai government agencies are exempt from this requirement). Applicants must have at least five years of work experience in the targeted industries, with the exception of those employed by Thai government agencies or those holding a PhD in an area related to the targeted industries.


Number of entry: Multiple

Validity of Visa: 10 Years

Dependents of Long Term Resident Visa holders are only allowed to have a spouse and up to four children who are under the age of twenty. Remarkably, a spouse may also receive a work permit to work in Thailand.


Number of entry: Multiple

Validity of Visa: 10 Years

SMART VISAs for Talent, Investor, Executive, Start-up

The Thai government created the Thailand SMART Visa, a unique long-term visa intended to attract in foreign professionals, investors, experts, and senior executives to work or invest in specific targeted industries in Thailand.

The Thailand SMART Visa’s key features are:

1. Qualification for 4 target target groups:

– Skilled researchers and specialists
– Entrepreneurs and investors
– Senior executives
– Highly qualified experts and specialties

2. Extended visa validity—up to four years—in place of yearly extensions.

3. The ability to work in Thailand without obtaining a different work visa.

4. Fast track processing and assistance at immigration checks.

5. The ability to grant the same privileges to family members (spouse and kids).

6. Qualification for tax and non-tax incentives associated with the industries that are the focus.

7. Assistance services from a single point of contact for holders of SMART visas.

The next generation of automobiles, smart electronics, luxury medical and wellness travel, food innovation, automation and robotics, aviation and logistics, biofuels and biochemicals, digital, medical hub, and agribusiness and biotechnology are among the industries that the SMART Visa is intended for.

In order to be eligible, applicants must fulfill certain requirements according to their education, experience, investment amount, and income bracket in addition to possessing a Thai agency recommendation in the relevant industry.

Marriage Visa

Individuals who are married to Thai citizens and complete the Immigration Bureau’s requirements are eligible for a marriage visa. This visa permits the holder to live in Thailand continuously for a year without having to leave the country. Additionally, as long as the holder follows up with the requirements, it provides the flexibility of an annual renewal within Thailand.

The applicant must submit marriage-related documentation, evidence of residency in Thailand, and proof of deposit of at least THB 400,000 in a Thai bank account for at least two months previous to the application date in order to be eligible for this kind of visa.

Thailand Privilege Visa

A Thailand Privilege Visa is a long-term with multiple-entry visa that offers special privileges to individuals who have applied to become Thailand Privilege Card Members.

The duration of membership is contingent upon the selected program and membership fees, with options for 5, 10, and 15 years. The Tourism Authority of Thailand manages the Thailand Privilege Card, which is administered by The Thailand Privilege Card Company Ltd. The initial membership fee for the gold package, which includes five years of multiple entries in Thailand, is THB 900,000.

The package benefits consist of an airport transportation, a fast track lane at Thailand airports, and multiple entries visa within the package timeframe.

Learn additional information regarding the Thailand Privilege Card by visiting this website.

Business Visa

Thailand provides a variety of business visas to allow foreign nationals to participate in a wide range of business activities within the country. The following are the principal business visa types that are available in Thailand:

The Non-Immigrant Visa (B) is specifically intended for individuals who require permission to work or conduct business in Thailand. This visa is typically valid for 90 days, but it could be extended for a maximum of one year.

The Non-Immigrant Visa (IB) is intended for entrepreneurs and investors who are engaged in investment activities that have been approved by the relevant Thai government agencies.

The Non-Immigrant Visa (B-A) is a business visa category that required previous approval from the Ministry of Labour in order to be issued. It is frequently employed for specific types of business engagements.

Permanent Residence (PR)

A Permanent Residence (PR) visa is available to certain qualified foreign nationals who aspire to reside in Thailand indefinitely. The following are several critical details regarding the Thai Permanent Residency visa:

Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Having a Thai spouse
  • Having made significant investments or engaging in occupations that are beneficial to Thailand.
  • Having been a resident of Thailand for a minimum of three consecutive years on a non-immigrant visa
  • Being a former Thai national
  • Being a competent worker/expert or a wealthy retired individual aged 60 or older
  • Having served Thailand with exceptional services

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