4 Ways to Handle Business Defamation on Social Media

business defamation on social media

In today’s digital age, where information spreads rapidly, online defamation is a common challenge for many businesses. The impact of business defamation on social media can severely damage a business’s reputation and affect customer trust. Bangkok Business Lawyer will guide you through effective ways to address and prevent online defamation, along with understanding the relevant laws in Thailand.

1. Understanding Online Business Defamation

First, it is essential to understand what ‘defamation’ means. Defamation involves making false statements about someone, causing damage to their reputation, and subjecting them to public contempt or ridicule, even if the statements are polite or true. Online defamation specifically refers to the dissemination of false information or opinions that harm others through digital platforms.

In Thailand, the relevant laws concerning defamation are as follows:

  • Criminal Code Section 326: “Whoever imputes anything to another person before a third person in a manner likely to impair the reputation of such other person or to expose such other person to hatred or scorn shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding one year or fined not exceeding twenty thousand Baht, or both.”

  • Criminal Code Section 328: “If the offense of defamation be committed by means of publication of a document, a drawing, a painting, a cinematographic film, a picture or letters made visible by any means, a gramophone record or other recording instruments for sound or picture recording, or by broadcasting or spreading pictures or by any other means, the offender shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding two years and fined not exceeding two hundred thousand Baht.”

2. Steps to Take When Defamed Online

After considering the legal provisions and discovering that your business has been defamed online, take the following steps to address and protect your reputation:

2.1 Gather Evidence
Collect all relevant evidence related to the defamation, such as screenshots of messages or posts, videos, or other documents that can be used as proof in court.

2.2 Contact the Publisher
Reach out to the publisher of the defamatory information or the website administrator to request the removal of the false information.

2.3 Seek Legal Advice
Consult with a law firm specializing in business law to receive guidance and assistance in taking appropriate legal action tailored to your business’s needs.

3. Legal Actions to Consider

If contacting the publisher and seeking cooperation does not resolve the issue, legal action may be necessary to protect your business’s reputation. Steps include:

3.1 Filing a Complaint with the Court
Submit a complaint to the court to request an order for the defamer to cease their actions and remove the defamatory information.

3.2 Court Proceedings
The law firm will assist you in preparing documents and representing your case in court to ensure you receive justice and can claim damages as determined by the court.

4. Preventing Future Defamation

To minimize the risk of facing defamation issues again in the future, implement the following preventative measures:

4.1 Managing Online Reputation
Actively manage your business’s online image by responding to customer feedback promptly, calmly, and professionally, using polite language.

4.2 Establishing Social Media Policies
Create clear social media policies for all employees to follow, reducing the risk of disseminating information that could lead to defamation.


Online business defamation can significantly harm your business’s reputation. Gathering evidence, seeking legal advice, and pursuing legal action are critical steps to protect your business. However, preventing defamation from occurring in the first place is the most crucial step. If you need further legal advice, Bangkok Business Lawyer specializes in business law and is ready to assist your business whenever issues arise.

4 Ways to Handle Business Defamation on Social Media
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4 Ways to Handle Business Defamation on Social Media
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